Sundays at Usaquén

Ciclovía in Bogotá

We always try to wake up early on Sundays in time for ciclovía, Bogotá’s bike path on one of the main streets that is closed to cars from 7 am to 2 pm. Usually we walk, instead of riding bikes, about 45 blocks to a little borough of Bogotá called Usaquén.

Vendors in Usaquén

Vendors in Usaquén

Mochila (Traditional Indigenous Colombian Bag) Sellers

Beaded Jewelry Sellers

On Sundays and on holiday Mondays, Usaquén is home to an art/flea market with vendors set up throughout the streets. They sell everything from jewelry to clothes to household items to food all day long. I rarely buy anything, although the jewelry is often quite tempting.

Fruit Sellers

Selling Obleas

Gourmet Baked Empanadas

Gourmet Baked Empanadas with Different Fillings

Churro Vendor


Freshly Squeezed Lulada Juice (made from the lulo fruit)

We tend to eat our way through Usaquén, sampling the different foods, antipastos and arequipe and bread. Then perhaps we’ll stop to buy some delicious baked empanadas, then churros, then freshly squeezed juice, and to finish, a crepe with Nutella.

80 Sillas Restaurant

La Rosconeria

In addition to the outdoor market, Usaquén also has many restaurants and stores that are there permanently. 80 Sillas is my favorite place to eat there; they have the most amazing fish dishes, although they are a bit expensive. Other popular places to eat include Wok, an Asian-fusion restaurant, and La Rosconeria, which makes roscones, a traditional Colombian pastry, with a twist.

Park in the Center of Usaquén

Sundays are lovely in Bogotá because there are hardly any cars out on the streets and the city feels very peaceful, as opposed to its usual traffic and frenzy. It’s a day for exercise, family, and food, and for me, a trip to Usaquén.


7 thoughts on “Sundays at Usaquén

  1. We are adopting our son from FANA here in Bogotá. We’ve been here for a week now, five days with our nine month old son, and we are starting to venture out into the city. Your post was really helpful. We will definitely be walking to Usaquen! Thank you. I look forward to checking out the rest of your posts on Bogotá.

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