This past weekend, Friday through Monday, ArtBo, an International Art Fair was held here in Bogotá. ArtBo is an exhibition of art galleries and artists held annually in Corferias in Bogotá for the last seven years, this year from October 21 through October 24.

The Bogotá International Art Fair hosted fifty-seven galleries and artists from all over the world, although most were from Latin America. Some galleries showcased were Nueveochente Arte Contemporáneo and Alonso Garcés Galería from Colombia, Now Contemporary Art from the United States, and La Fábrica Galería from Spain.

Telephone Book Jester

All types of art work were featured, from sculptures to paintings to photographs to video to installations, among others. Some were made out of traditional materials and others were made from rather unique materials, such as busts made from stacked telephone books and the word “Quiero” spelled out in beautiful candy designs. Much of the artwork exhibited was of a more contemporary style, as many of the gallery names suggest.

QUIERO Made from Candy

In addition to the main Gallery Pavilion and a Pavilion of Young Artists, there was also a Children’s Pavilion. The Children’s Pavilion featured a large open space where one could play Frisbee, a variety of create-your-own-art stations, and fun, animal- and people-shaped cushions upon which to sit.

Dog Cushion in the Children's Pavilion

The exposition showcased some of the best artists from the Americas and Europe and is a much-anticipated event for many in the art world, as well as for the general public. There were some really amazing and inspiring pieces of art from artists from the Americas and Europe. Here are some pictures of the event courtesy of Daniel Rojas Roa.

Moving TIME Piece

Colombia Abbey Road

Heart of Knives Imprinted with Love Sayings

Made from Colored Pencils


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