Thanksgiving in Bogotá

Thanksgiving Dinner

On Thursday I hosted Thanksgiving at my apartment in Bogotá. It was the first time I’ve ever been in charge of Thanksgiving dinner, and I was a bit concerned about how it would turn out, but fortunately I had lots of help and everyone seemed to enjoy the food. Continue reading


Top 5 Things I Miss from the Coast

Flag of Barranquilla

Today is my last day in Barranquilla; I go back to Bogotá tonight. The next time I’ll be here will be for CARNAVALES! I can’t wait. I’m excited to go back to Bogotá, but there are some things from Barranquilla that I have really missed, so I want to share my top five.  Continue reading

Back in La Costa!

View from my old classroom of the preschool where I taught

I am back in Barranquilla, my old home, for the first time in five months. It is wonderful being back. Everything feels so familiar still; it really feels so much more like home to me than Bogotá does. Although perhaps that will change in a few months.   Continue reading

Op-Ed for Colombia Reports

Juan Valdez workers forced to clean up the mess of protestors

Today I walked home along Carrera Septima in Bogotá and I was angry and appalled. Buildings along the street were covered with graffiti and paint splatter from students protesting the Ley 30 Reform, and the workers of these places had to clean up their mess. I was so furious, I came home immediately and wrote an Op-Ed to the student protestors of Ley 30 Reform for Colombia Reports. You can read the full article here: Dear student protestors.

Education in Colombia

Photo Courtesy of

So last week I went to school with one of my gringa friends who is a teacher here in Bogotá. She is here through a program called World Teach, which is a program that places you in a country and you teach English at a school that would not normally have the funding for English teachers and they give you a small stipend to live on. If you know what Teach for America is, it is essentially TFA but in a foreign country.  Continue reading

Busy Bogotá Weekend

Although it is already November 1, I would like to do a recap of this past weekend. Not only was it Halloween weekend, it was also important because the local and regional elections were held. The mayor of each city was elected, which means that changes, hopefully good ones, will be happening soon. Continue reading