Busy Bogotá Weekend

Although it is already November 1, I would like to do a recap of this past weekend. Not only was it Halloween weekend, it was also important because the local and regional elections were held. The mayor of each city was elected, which means that changes, hopefully good ones, will be happening soon.

These elections were very important; in fact, it is said that the mayor of Bogotá is the second most important political position in Colombia after the President. Gustavo Petro is the new mayor of Bogotá. He is from the far left and is a former guerilla, but apparently not one of the “really bad ones,” from what people have told me.

Election day, which was Sunday, combined with Halloween weekend, made for an unfortunate combination. This is because in Colombia there is a very interesting law known as Ley Seca, or Dry Law. This means that on certain days, most commonly election days, the sale or consumption of alcohol is either limited or prohibited. So from Saturday through Monday morning, no bars were open and it was illegal to buy alcohol or consume it in public.

However, I still had a fun Halloween. On Friday I went out with friends to Zona Rosa where there were tons of people dressed up, (I went as Princess Leia from Star Wars) and there were some really good costumes. One of my favorites was a group of little green army men from Toy Story.

Halloween in Colombia is celebrated much the same as it is in the States. Children do go trick-or-treating in some places, although it is not as common as it is in the States. In schools, though, there are generally Halloween parties and the kids dress up, and then at night there are costume parties for adults. Also, I don’t know if this happens in the States or not, but here, some bars and clubs award rather generous prizes, some between $2 million and 3 million pesos (about $1,000-1,500 USD, for the best costume.

Happy November, Dear Readers!


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