Colombian Christmas Traditions Day 4

**Every night for the nine nights before Christmas Colombians celebrate novenas, so I will be writing a blog post every day about Colombian Christmas traditions. Feliz Navidad!**

An important part of the novenas is the villancicos, or Christmas carols, that are sung every night. Villancicos are quite different from the typical Christmas carols we sing in English. There are no “Jingle Bells” or “Deck the Halls;” the carols sung in Colombia are all more religiously focused, mostly on Mary and baby Jesus.

Villancicos are rooted in Spanish Catholic history and the tradition carried over to Latin America, with some changes, of course. Composers of villancicos came from many different Latin American countries, including Colombia. Some of the most well-known villancicos are Tutaina, Los Peces en el Río, Las Campanas de Belén, and Mi Burrito Sabanero. You can listen to Tutaina in the video above.

In Colombia villancicos are most commonly sung during novenas, when family and friends gather around the pesebre, or nativity scene. People also bring different musical instruments such as panderetas, tambourines, and claves to accompany the singing. If you want to listen to the other villancicos, they are all on YouTube!


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