Colombian Christmas Traditions Day 5

**Every night for the nine nights before Christmas Colombians celebrate novenas, so I will be writing a blog post every day about Colombian Christmas traditions. Feliz Navidad!**

Spoiler alert: If you still believe in Santa Claus then you probably shouldn’t read any more.

In Colombia, Santa Claus, (Papa Noel) is not the bearer of gifts. Instead, it is Baby Jesus, or, El Niño Jesus/El Niño Dios who brings toys to the children at midnight on Christmas Eve, usually leaving gifts at the foot of the beds of the children instead of under the tree. Also, children write letters to Baby Jesus instead of Santa Claus and is placed in the nativity set for Baby Jesus to read.

The Papa Noel figure still exists and he can be seen in malls throughout Colombia, just like in the States, for children to have their picture taken with. Because Colombia is predominantly Catholic country, there is a more religious aspect to Christmas in Colombia than in the States, although Papa Noel has become more prevalent in recent years. Now it is more of a mix of El Niño Jesus and Papa Noel who brings the presents.

Whoever brings your presents on Christmas, have a wonderful holiday! And check back tomorrow for more on Colombian Christmas traditions!


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