Colombian Christmas Traditions Day 6

**Every night for the nine nights before Christmas Colombians celebrate novenas, so I will be writing a blog post every day about Colombian Christmas traditions. Feliz Navidad!**

Back for another day of Colombian Christmas Traditions! Today, the sixth day of novenas, I will be talking about aguinaldos. The literal English translation of aguinaldos differs because it can mean different things in different countries, but in this case it refers to games played during novenas

Aguinaldos are games that children, and sometimes older people, play during the time of novenas from December 16 – December 24. They are simple games, often with a prize for the winner and a punishment for the loser. Some of the games are “Hablar y no contestar” (Speak but don’t answer), “Pajita en boca” (Straw in the mouth), “Tres pies” (Three feet), “Beso robado” (Stolen kisses), and “Si y no” (Yes or no).

For “Tres pies,” each player tries to put a foot in between the feet of another player without being noticed. “Si y no” is a very easy game in which players ask questions and you are only able to respond by saying yes or no. There are different versions to these, but these are generally the rules. Here is another blog post on aguinaldos with instructions on how to play all of the different games. Enjoy!


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