International Theatre Festival Has Opened!

The 13th Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá (Iberoamerican Theatre Festival) opened on Friday, March 23. It is the largest theatre festival in Latin America, held every two years in Colombia’s capital.

The festival runs until April 8th, although many of the popular shows will run longer. There are a variety of types of performances, including reenactments of the classics, dance pieces, live orchestras, alternative shows, contemporary circus, concerts,storytellers, and cabaret, among others. Some of the performances are held in traditional venues, while others take place in the street, in warehouses, and in parks.

The festival was first created in 1988 by Fanny Mikey and Ramiro Osorio to celebrate the 450th anniversary of Bogotá, and has since grown into one of the largest theatre festivals in the world. The theme for this year’s festival is “La fiesta de las mil caras” (“The party of a thousand faces”).

Theatre groups from a variety of countries come to perform, including Peru, Spain, France, Italy, Argentina, South Korea, the US, Slovenia, and Switzerland, among many others. This year, Romania is the guest country, which has one of the largest and most recognized theatre cultures in Central Europe. Different Romanian groups will be performing Waiting for Godot, Elektra, and Leonce and Lena.

I went to my first performance yesterday, called Voalá from Spain. It was fantastic; a large part of the shows took place in the air, the actors hung by harnesses, doing acrobatics and dances. This week I plan on going to see another contemporary circus performance called Donka and 1984, directed by Tim Robbins. Some pictures from Voalá are below:

Voalá performing in la Plaza de Toros, Bogotá


2 thoughts on “International Theatre Festival Has Opened!

  1. Kate this is too cool! You know how much I would enjoy seeing something like this with you! Hope the rest of the festival has been great! Miss you :) -Andy

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