Small World

Photo Credit Jerry Bunkers

I have been blogging for almost a year now. Admittedly, I have published a bit less frequently than I did at the beginning, but I hope you, Dear Reader, are still enjoying my posts.

Before I began blogging, I was quite wary of it; you can read more about my feelings on blogs in one of my first posts. But then I began this blog, and I love it. I love writing, and this is an excellent way to discipline myself as well as get my writing out there.

Another great part about blogging of which I was totally unaware is the community. A lot of bloggers mention the blogging community, but I am going to tell you about my own experiences, and how blogging has led to real-life friendships, as well as other writing opportunities.

Back in January of this year, another gringa commented on my blog, saying that she had come across it and was moving to Bogotá shortly, and asked if I had any advice about the city. I e-mailed her and not long after we got dinner and chatted, and I told her about my experiences in Colombia.

As we were talking, we found out that we actually had a mutual friend from home! As it turned out, one of my friends from university, with whom I did my senior project, had gone to grad school with her. Such a crazy coincidence, right?  And now she is one of my closest friends here in Bogotá, all because of my blog.

Something similar happened recently; someone e-mailed me saying she had just moved to Bogotá and had been reading my blog and asked if I would like to meet up for coffee sometime, so next week I am going to meet another one of my readers!

In addition to these real-life blogging encounters, I have also made more contacts via e-mail and comments, and from these I have been given writing opportunities, such as for South American Living. I e-mailed the editor and showed her my blog, and she offered me some writing assignments.

Blogging can serve many different purposes, some that you may not have even expected. For me, it’s mainly about writing for an audience and sharing my experiences and thoughts about Colombia, but now, it’s also about being part of a community. With so many forms of communication these days, I really feel that world is constantly getting smaller.


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