Happy Fourth of July!

Our lovely home-made flag. Happy 4th!

For those Readers who may not know, the Fourth of July is the Independence Day of the US. Since it is a regular work day in Colombia, some friends and I decided to celebrate this gringo holiday on Monday, July 2, which was a holiday in Colombia.

Mazorca and shish-kabobs

We had a barbecue in my backyard garden, which consisted of a gringo-Colombian mix of food: hamburgers, veggies, arepas, corn, and an enormous watermelon. In addition to the human attendees, our rabbits, Zanahoria and Cereza, also attended, and went into a food coma after eating too much lettuce that our kind guests gave them.

Zanahoria and Cereza, our rabbits

Sadly we had no fireworks, because they are difficult to get here, but we were able to bring other traditions, such as a watermelon-eating contest, and we played the national anthem at one point. I hope all of the gringos at home have a wonderful Fourth of July celebration today!

Watermelon eating contest


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