The Long Goodbye

So I’ve left Colombia. I am writing this post from Niort, France, the city I will be living for the next seven months. I left Colombia about three weeks ago, spent some time with my family in Pittsburgh, and then came here.

It wasn’t an easy decision to come to France. I love Colombia so much and it was extremely difficult to leave behind all of the people I love who are there. But, I was accepted to a program to work as an English language assistant in the region of Poitiers, and it’s a really good opportunity; it gives me more teaching experience as well as time to explore Europe a bit and to write, so I came.

I’ve known about this for a few months, so I feel like I’ve been slowly saying goodbye to Colombia for quite a while. I was always noticing when it was the last time I would do something, and thinking about how much I would miss the streets of Bogotá, and my apartment, and my favorite restaurants.

But it’s also wonderful being back in France. I studied abroad in the south of France four years ago and had an incredible experience, and I’m happy to have the chance to relearn my French (Spanish has taken over my brain). So far, I really like Niort, the city where I’m living. It’s very small, especially compared to Bogotá, but it’s very quaint and calm and everyone I have met so far has been extremely helpful and friendly (defying the stereotype many people have of the French).

I hope, and plan, to return to Colombia in a few years, but for now I am happy to be back in France, in a lovely city only two hours from Paris. So for now, this blog will change to focus mainly on France, with occasional articles about Colombia (because I love writing about Colombia). I hope, Dear Readers, that you will continue reading The Wanderlust Chronicles, despite this change.


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