Les Marchés de Noël

Marché de Niort - Opening Night

Marché de Niort – Opening Night

Les marchés de Noël, or Christmas markets, are an important part of Christmas in France, and in many other European countries as well. In France, the markets generally open in the beginning of December and run until Christmas, although some are only open certain days.

Many towns and cities of all sizes host Christmas markets. One of the biggest markets is held in Strasbourg, which is also the longest-running Christmas market; it has been held annually since about 1570. The biggest is in île-de-France.

Even in my little city of Niort there is a Christmas market. It opened on December 7 (which is also coincidentally La Noche de las Velitas in Colombia) with a parade in the town and it was the first day they turned on all of the Christmas lights that illuminate the town. There are also temporary booths set up that sell crafts, hot wine, and crepes, among other treats.

Today I also visited the Christmas market in a town called Coulon, about twenty minutes from Niort. I bought some delicious chocolates and looked at the different arts and crafts. Here are some more photos of the markets in Niort and Coulon:

Parade in Niort

Parade in Niort

Chocolate taste test in Coulon

Chocolate taste test in Coulon


Lights in Niort

Lights in Niort

Niort Marché de NoelCrepe Booth




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