Op-Ed for Colombia Reports

Juan Valdez workers forced to clean up the mess of protestors

Today I walked home along Carrera Septima in Bogotá and I was angry and appalled. Buildings along the street were covered with graffiti and paint splatter from students protesting the Ley 30 Reform, and the workers of these places had to clean up their mess. I was so furious, I came home immediately and wrote an Op-Ed to the student protestors of Ley 30 Reform for Colombia Reports. You can read the full article here: Dear student protestors.



This past weekend, Friday through Monday, ArtBo, an International Art Fair was held here in Bogotá. ArtBo is an exhibition of art galleries and artists held annually in Corferias in Bogotá for the last seven years, this year from October 21 through October 24.

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Symbolic Tribunal on Sexual Violence

This past Monday, September 26, I had the opportunity to participate in a Symbolic Tribunal against Sexual Violence in the Context of the Colombian Armed Conflict, held at the Universidad Naciónal in Bogotá. It was important event that helped bring to light some of the violence that happens as a result of the armed conflict in Colombia and the impunity that surrounds these cases. I wrote an article about it for Colombia Reports, a Colombian news website published in English. You can read the full article here: Bogota university holds ‘court’ against sexual violence.