Bogotá: A Photo Essay

I’ve been wanting to go out and take photos of Bogotá for a while now, to remember the streets that I know so well, and I finally did. Most of these photos are from the northern part of Bogotá, and therefore does not give an accurate representation of the whole city, although some of the people in the pictures can be found all over the city, such as the flower sellers and street vendors. The rest of the photos are mostly of places that I often see, or are important to me, or that I find amusing. Enjoy!

Street vendor

Buseta along Septima

Typical brick buildings

Armed guard-you can spot these guys all over the city

View of the mountains from La Candelaria

Avocado stand

Flower sellers along the road

Another flower seller, offering his goods to people in their cars

Cyclists using one of the many bike paths in Bogotá

Exito, one of the main supermarket chains in Colombia

Umbrella Art outside of Centro Comercial Andino

Typical sign to label the streets

Bogotá Graffiti

Street Performers near Usaquén

Bogotá Beer Company (aka BBC)

A CAI-Police Station

Woman wearing a surgical face mask-not uncommon around Bogotá

Colonial-style architecture

Calle 100 Bridge

These shoes are simply too fantastic not to share (in Usaquén)

Fuzzy red plant that I see all over Bogotá and really like

Buying tickets at the Transmilenio Station

I will never understand why or how this sign came to be, but it makes me laugh every time

Cooooooofee Express

Bogotá is so beautiful when the sun is shining