Why Colombia?

Exciting news! GoAbroad.com, one of the leading websites on meaningful travel and studying, living, and working abroad, has chosen to feature The Wanderlust Chronicles as their Blog of the Week. In honor of having my blog featured on GoAbroad.com, I want to tell you, Dear Reader, why I chose to, well, go abroad to Colombia. Continue reading


From the Beginning (sort of)

Well, I’ve done it. I have finally started a blog. I am embarking upon my fifth living-abroad excursion, this time to Bogotá, Colombia (I have previously lived in Cannes, France; Rabat, Morocco; Kumasi, Ghana; and Barranquilla, Colombia). To be honest, I was always kind of against the whole blog thing; I saw them as narcissistic ramblings with poor grammar—I mean, do people really want to read the thoughts and activities of their friends as well as strangers? Well, as it turns out, apparently they do, because there are thousands of popular blogs available on the net, and new ones are always popping up (like this one…).

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